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Linkwood is in the process of establishing a supply platform of plantation teak in Costa Rica.

Linkwood specializes in the establishment, development, and the professional management of teak plantations.

Linkwood reforests areas of formerly abandoned pasture land, transforming them into high-quality teak forest plantations within the framework of a sustainable growth concept with a view to supply high quality raw material for the medium and long term. .

Additionally, Linkwood intends to acquire already established Teak  plantations to convert them into certified stands according to standard principles.

Currently Linkwood owns and manages approximately 200 hectares of Teak plantations in Costa Rica.

The conditions in Costa Rica for growing teak have already proven to be very suitable and this constitutes a strong incentive for  intensifying our planting activities.

Furthermore the areas where Linkwood plantations are established are  hurricanes-free, thus allowing Teak trees to grow safely.

The Linkwood expansion plan intends to establish teak plantations in various areas. Hence, Linkwood is purchasing grown Teak plantations  in various parts of  Costa Rica.


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