Timber Market


Demand for wood is growing


Wood is one of the most precious raw materials. In its many functions, it can be used as building and work material, as a source of energy. In contrast to many other raw materials, wood is renewable. This makes it one of the most important natural resources, both from an economic as well as from an ecological perspective.

According to experts, the demand for wood is growing concomitantly with  the increase in the world’s population, meaning the demand for wood will equally rise drastically in the long term as well. Tropical hardwood, the core business of the Linkwood, is at the top of the quality pyramid.

The global demand for tropical hardwood will increase by 25% between 1994 and 2010. In 1999, the market share of tropical hardwood was 15% of the sector for industrial round timber. The overall annual consumption has now risen to more than 130 million m3 which represents an enormous amount considering that only 20 m3 per year at best can be produced from superior  quality and suitably managed teak plantations.


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