A precious wood


Linkwood is primarily specialized in the selection, production, cultivation, commercialization and marketing of teak from ecologically and socially compatible sources.

Teak is one of the very few woods which have a natural oil content that acts as a water-repellent. This natural oil prevents the wood from cracking and warping. Furthermore, the natural properties of teak make it extremely resistant to fungal decay and insect attacks.

Due to its resilient, weatherproof and virtually non-decaying characteristics, teak is superbly suited for marine and construction use.

Because teak adapts well to large scale cultivation and can generate returns as early as 6 yrs after planting within a 20 yr rotation scheme, it is an ideal plantation species. The demand for teak has been increasing for decades. This specie is the most prized timber species worldwide, fetching the highest prices !

At 7 years, selected teak trees can reach some 18 meters  (25m in Sabah!) in height with a trunk diameter at breast height of 18 to 20 centimeters. Depending on the spacing, the average annual wood volume increment of teak (MAI) usually reaches its peak after just 20 years. 


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