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Linkwood, in cooperation various partners, is creating new forestry expertise with the objective of optimizing the management of teak plantations.

This expertise is constantly put into practice in a useful and profitable way.The success of a teak plantation is based on three important factors: the genetic background of the planting material, the environment, with special consideration for rainfall and soil characteristics, and plantation proper management.

Selecting the best teak plants in order to ensure in the shortest delays high yield combined to premium quality teak wood remains a priority concern for Linkwood. All these material will be tested in comparative trials in operational conditions.

Adapted plantation management includes:

- the mechanical preparation of the land prior to planting
- density and planting design according to the type of culture i.e. monospecific or intercropping
- weed control,
- thinning regime
- the implementation of monitoring systems on the plantations, which ensure the highest possible quality and productivity as well as the appropriate cost control.

  Trees culture in vitro

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