Timberland Investments are an environmentally friendly and profitable asset category. Linkwood partnership models offer high rates of return while also making a tangible contribution to the conservation of the native tropical rainforests. private individuals.

Linkwood developed a product, to enable interested parties to make a secure and direct investment in company-owned forest plantations through the purchase of tree assets.

Our product starts to interest tree partners in several countries. In close cooperation with institutional investors Linkwood designs, plans, and implements well-structured customized forestry investment projects.

Due to the tried and tested specialty knowledge of Linkwood staff and partners in the fields of professional plantation management and customized Timberland Investments, Linkwood is able to generate added value for company portfolios and investment funds that is both ecologically and economically attractive.

DISCLAIMER: The present opportunities being offered for corporate participation in sustainable forest plantations of Linkwood do not constitute a Public Offering. The product offered by Linkwood is not a financial product and is not an investment in the traditional sense - This product refers to the purchase of tree stands.


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