The rainforest form our water reservoir


The forest coverage of our planet stretches across more than 30% of the earth’s total land area. It is  a vital element of our global ecosystem. In previous decades, more than 50% of all forests have already been destroyed, a large percentage by illegal logging. The primary cause of this alarming deforestation rate is the increasind demand for high value tropical timber and the lack of suitable plantatiosn to meet this need.

Due to the ongoing destruction of our natural rainforests, a sizeable part of the planet’s biodiversity and the habitats and life-blood of many indigenous people is disappearing everyday.

The rainforests constitute our water reservoir. Even more importantly, they are the lungs of our world. The great primeval rainforests are the only viable mechanism which can sequester enough of the toxic CO2 that is continuously being produced in large quantities by our society and can maintain the life sustaining global ecological equilibrium in the future.

To relieve the pressure on the rainforests, alternative sources of supply urgently need to be developed. Tropical hardwood from plantations cultivated in a sustainable manner represents the sole  realistic solution. Today, however, sustainable sources cover just a fraction of the large demand for tropical wood. The share of teak wood from plantations is actually still under 5%.


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